Chinese Herbal Medicine

It is one of the great herbal systems with history going back to 300 BCE; continually developed in response to changing clinical conditions.  Backed up by research into every aspect of its use, and together with acupuncture, they complement each other in restoring your health.

The herbal formulae are all derived from plants, such as roots, bark, leaves and flowers.  They do not contain any animal or mineral product as per guidelines for practice in the UK.

The herbal formula is tailored for the client, normally consisting of 8-14 herbs with the specific properties required. The client may choose to have dried herbs formula which requires boiling and taken as a warm decoction; or it can also be made into a powder concentrate by dissolving in hot water, much like making instant coffee.  Some formulae  contain herbs that can be infused as a tea. Precise instructions will be given as to the preparation and dosage.